Electronics – Volume 3 – Issue 2


On behalf of editorial board, it gives me an immense pleasure to present this volume of the Journal of Electronics under Exponent Group of Journals. Through this journal, we are attempting to enhance new knowledge and technology amongst the youth, common man, academic and research community, professionals and industry practitioner. We are also focusing to introduce each volume of this journal as a basic platform for various subjects in the electronics areas in order to realize new theories and developments for common man communities; thus bridging the gap between common man and technology, later research theories and industrial developments are also incorporated. Electronics Journal provides a platform for common man, researchers, industrialist and students to submit on-going research activities and developments in these areas. Overall the main objective is to impart quality education through the articles. In continuation with the theme of journal, we are publishing the papers which are not necessarily based on original research, but the subject of the papers are selected to match up with the goal of the journal, i.e. to enhance social awareness of latest technology in the field of Electronics and Telecommunication. In this Volume of Electronics Journal we are presenting six papers which includes papers on Wifi technology, Ultrasonics, Digital Electronics, Open source technology and Survey on Neuro Implants for Human.
First paper titled “Beam forming technology invading consumer applications” presents an idea which can be used in Wifi routers currently using traditional antennas that were of the omnidirectional nature, meaning that they radiated in all directions equally and also received power from all directions equally. As most of the times, a user connected to WiFi router will be stationary and only a certain amount of power radiated by the router will be actually utilized. Thus, instead of radiating power in all directions, the radio waves will now be directed only towards the user providing him with much higher signal strength and also better data rate (speed).

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