Electronics – Volume 3 – Issue 4


In this Volume of Electronics Journal we are presenting six papers. First paper in this volume titled “Overview of Facebook Internet Drones” deals with issue on Google and Facebook for past 1 to 2 years about providing internet access to the remote locations where ground infrastructure cannot reach. It provides alternative solution to ground infrastructure and using communication satellites in the space for internet access to remote locations on earth. Next paper titled “Infinite possibilities of FPGA” discusses use of open source microcontroller development boards such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi , TI Launchpads, etc. FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) development boards against using microcontrollers and microprocessors. FPGAs are a very different breed and require deep knowledge of digital logic design.

Our third paper titled “Digital Electronics Part-Vii, Digital Counters” is in continuation of series started earlier volumes. It discusses how we can construct various types of digital counters using Flip Flops and logic gates. Digital counters have wide range of applications digital circuits and computers.

With next paper in this volume titled we are starting a series on “OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS”. The Operational Amplifiers(OP AMPs) are outcome of new technology which included a complex circuit to amplify a signal as well as to carry out mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, integration, differentiation, comparator. This article is first in this series of articles and will discuss the basics of operational Amplifiers and subsequent volumes we shall present block diagram and applications of OP AMPs.

Our next paper titled “Introduction to Telemedicine Electronics& Engineering” provides the application of engineering science and technology to problems arising in medicine and biology. It deals with Intersections between engineering disciplines electrical, mechanical, chemical, with each discipline in medicine, such as cardiology, pathology, neurology, biology, biochemistry, pharmacology, molecular
biology, cell biology.

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