Electronics – Volume 4 – Issue 2


In this Volume of Electronics Journal we are presenting five papers. First paper in this volume titled “Introduction to Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR)gives a description and overview of SCR which is main member of thyristor family. A silicon controlled rectifier or semiconductor-controlled rectifier is a four-layer solid-state current-controlling device. As per name of the device Silicon controlled rectifier, its main application is in rectifying means converting an AC voltage into DC voltage with control on magnitude of output DC voltage, as against the diodes which are used in rectifier circuit for converting AC voltage to DC voltage but no variation of output voltage is possible.

Our second paper is titled “12V to 394V with Boost converters”. There are many applications where massive potential difference (voltage) is needed but it is not necessary to have a high current output. The best example is the camera flash tube. It needs around 300 to 400V DC in order to fire that bright flash for a split second. Inside a camera, we do not have large batteries to produce this voltage. This paper represents a technique to convert low DC voltage into high DC voltage. With suitable changes in design one can obtain this DC to DC convertor for desired input and output.

Third paper is titled “The circulator: Key to Simultaneous transmit and receive”. It deals with a technique to use same antenna in mobile devices for the purpose of transmitting and receiving. There may be multiple antennas inside your cell phone, each for different purpose. For example, one for 2.4GHz Bluetooth and WiFi, two more for 4G LTE radio another for NFC. Whatever purpose it be, the same antenna is used for transmitting and receiving. It may so appear to us that the function of transmitting and receiving data is happening at the same time, but it is not so.

Next paper titled “OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS PART-III OP-AMP NON-LINEAR APPLICATIONS” is third paper in the series of Operational Amplifiers. In last volume after presenting basics of OP-AMPs, this paper presents non linear applications of OP-AMPs such as Inverting and Non Inverting and Difference Amplifier based on the information obtained from open source. In this paper non linear applications such as Integrator, Differentiator and Comparator is discussed.



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