Electronics – Volume 4 – Issue 4


We are focusing to introduce in each volume of this journal as a basic platform for various subjects in the electronics areas in order to realize new theories and developments for common man communities; thus bridging the gap between common man and technology, later research theories and industrial developments are also incorporated. Electronics Journal provides a platform for common man, researchers, industrialist and students to submit on-going research activities and developments in these areas.
In continuation with the theme of journal, we are publishing the papers which are not necessarily based on original research, but the subject of the papers are selected to match up with the objective of the journal, i.e. to enhance social awareness of latest technology in the field of Electronics and Telecommunication. In this Issue of Electronics Journal we are presenting five papers.
First paper in this volume titled INTRODUCTION TO SIGNAL PROCESSING IN BIOSIGNAL ANALYSIS explains a method to carry out analysis of Bio signals such as signals obtained from ECG
Electrocardiogram of Heart.
Our second paper titled 8051 Microcontroller basics and Architecture presents functional block of the internal operation of an 8051 microcomputer and the internal components of the chip . It also explains each of the functional block in detail. Third paper titled 8051 Microcontroller Addressing Modes is continuation of last paper and explains programming aspects of 8051 by means of
explaining Addressing modes .
Our fourth paper of this volume is titled Design of Directional Coupler to Match Antenna and Transmitter explains how to design directional coupler that is required for matching between antenna and Transmitter by means of Simulator. It also presents the actual antenna designed and its analysis as a result.
Our final paper titled ARM PROCESSOR ARCHITECTURE-Evolution and Applications is first paper on a very popular microcontroller used in Robotics . It presents architecture, evolution and Applications of ARM processor. It also deals with the pin diagram and signals of a typical ARM processor. We hope all the papers/articles presented in this volume will be useful to the readers in the field of Electronics and also to a common person.


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